Piure Nex Pur Box Door Box
Piure Nex Pur Box Door Box

Piure Nex Pur Box Door Box


Dimensions 120 × 77.5 × 48 cm







Corner Legs, Glides

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This functional yet aesthetically pleasing Nex Pur Box Door Box 120×77.5x48cm was designed by German designer Piure, a small but skilled design house that is rapidly making a name for itself with its innovative and fashion-forward Nex Pur range.

With its manufacture being completely contained within Germany, Piure manages the design and production of items like the Nex Pur Box Door Box 120×77.5x48cm from start to finish in a way that is friendly to the environment. This Nex Pur Box Door Box 120×77.5x48cm is in keeping with the simple lines and functional style seen throughout the range. The unit features two doors opening left and right. Beneath are gliding feet that protect the floor from from damage and the piece is crafted from MDF to make for a durable and robust construction that doesn’t weigh a ton. While able to blend well with most décor styles, it really reaches its stylistically intended Zenith when combined and integrated with other items in the Nex Pur range. It is then left to you to create bespoke combinations that work with the unique nooks and crannies of your home.


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