Jerrycan Bar 20L
Jerrycan Bar 20L

Jerrycan Bar 20L


Dimensions 46.8 × 34.5 × 16.5 cm

Black, Camo Green, Camo Sand, Green, Red

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The steel jerrycans were originally used to safely transport fuel. The Jerrycan Bar ensures that your drinks can also be transported safely. This steel jerrycan is super unique and handy to take with you on any occasion!
The most original men’s gift: the Jerrycan bar. The gift that men are waiting for! A unique, sturdy bar cabinet available in various variants. Think of a cool Jerrycan bar with a bottle of Jack Daniels, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, and much more. A luxury handmade piece of art for your man cave or a cool and super original promotional gift!


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