Fondue Set Bern
Fondue Set Bern

Fondue Set Bern


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Dimensions 32 × 22.5 × 19 cm



32 x 22,5 x 19 cm



With its red fondue pan made of fireproof ceramic with Swiss flags, the BERN cheese fondue set is in the real Swiss cheese fondue tradition. Add the right cheese mix from your trusted cheese dealer and you can invite friends or family to a fondue evening. And what “penalties” there are for losing bread is entirely up to the imagination of the respective group.


The cheese fondue set BERN, 10 pcs.
1 fondue pan made of fireproof ceramic, diameter 22 cm
1 stainless steel rechaud
6 stainless steel fondue forks
1 coaster made of stainless steel
1 safety paste burner made of stainless steel

The fondue pan is suitable for preparing the cheese fondue on the stove. If the fondue pan comes on the rechaud, you should always use a flame spreader or a flame strainer to better distribute the heat on the bottom of the pot.


Attention: The safety paste burner may only be filled with fuel paste.

The handles of the fondue forks are marked with 1 to 6 rings.


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